West Africa Centre for the Protection of Animal Welfare (WACPAW) is an animal welfare organization focused on the welfare of animals regarding the processes of treatment during transportation, slaughtering and healthcare. Our objective is to seek compassionate treatment of animals with a dedication to reducing animal suffering caused by people.

WACPAW focuses on the treatment the animal receives before, during and after transportation as well as during the slaughter of the animal. Our cause is founded in the fact that slaughter houses for instance violate animal welfare standards. Issues such as whether slaughter houses slaughter pregnant animals, transporting pregnant cows under dehumanizing conditions or beats them in the process of transportation.

We work to minimize the impact of all human actions detrimental to endangered species, including the destruction of natural forests containing ancient trees, and pollution of the oceans destroying every kind of marine life.


Our vision is a work in which animal welfare is respected and all animals are protected from avoidable pain


to relentlessly champion the welfare of animals through training, education, and effective collaboration with key stakeholders in African and globally.


The following are the objectives to facilitate the attainment of the above vision.

  • To work closely with research institution in order to encourage and facilitate research into ways of improving the welfare of food and pet animals
  • To provide a platform for the training and exchange of knowledge on best practices to farmers, official veterinarians, animal handlers slaughter men and other stakeholder in the livestock sector.
  • To actively engage government and other welfare charities in the formulation and implementation of animal welfare regulation to protect the welfare of both food and pet animals.
  • To collaborate globally with animal warfare charities and research institutions in other to share information that may lead to the improvement in the welfare of food and pet animals.
  • To encourage the use of human slaughter and or killing methods for disease control or human consumption.
  • To support and promote academic and moral development of female students in northern Ghana.


Operational Approach

WACPAW focuses on research, training, education and advocacy as necessary strategies towards the attainment of our statement of objectives above.

Operational Coverage

WACPAW has a wider and ambitious operational coverage. Our operations cover the thirteen (13) West African countries. However, we are currently base in Ghana. The majority of our operations and activities are concentrated in Ghana with plans far advanced to kick start operation in other countries. The activities of WACPAW is financed by generous donation from the public and charities, we are always looking for funders or sponsors who are able to donate towards our course. Without your help we are unable to function

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    We are located at Gbanyamni South Extension Residential Area, Plot No: 119, Tamale-North, Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana

    Post Office Box TL 2201, Tamale, Northern Region.

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